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Must Have Fitness Gadgets: Pedometers

Posted on July 10th, 2005 filed in Fitness    |   

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I’ve always wondered as to what being active means. The term was never officially defined . Does waking up 5 times at night to attend to a baby cry make one active? How about 15 minutes of basketball? Maybe 1 hour of golf? Or do you need to go to the gym and exercise for 2 hours to be active?

Recent heath studies came to conclusion that walking 10,000 steps per day has tremendous health benefits and leads to serious reduction in cardiovascular disease including heart attacks and strokes. It is also a great and highly recommended way for weight management including weight loss. And now, it is accepted that anyone that walks 10,000 steps per day is active.

But how does one count his or het steps during a certain day? By using a pedometer.
The pedometers got mainstream in the last couple of years after being featured on many TV shows and sitcoms. In one episode of According to Jim, his wife buys him a pedometer and makes a pact with him to walk 10,000 steps per day as a way for him to lose weight.
10,000 steps translates to around 1-1.5 hours of moderate rate walking for most people. The good news is that you do not have to do these in a row. You can get 500 steps for taking the stairs instead of the office building elevator, and another 1000 for walking to the grocery store. You may get 650 steps for walking while answering the phone and another 300 for walking in the kitchen while preparing dinner. And the pedometer makes that easy to track as it would count all steps made in a 24 hour period.

Pedometers are not expensive and come in various models. Typically, a pedometer is small, light, and unobtrusive and hangs on one’s belt. You hang it and forget about it. It does all the work for you. In addition to tracking daily steps, some models track calorie expenditure, distance walked and steps made aerobically (10 or more minutes of walking enters gets you in the aerobic range and all continuous steps made afterwards are filed under aerobic steps), and store values for a variable period of time (up to a month). The latter function is beneficial as it allows you to see how much you missed the last few days so that you compensate for them ASAP.

Ever since I bought my pedometer, I never leave home without it. It is as essential as my cellphone and watch. And I have found it to be of great use and benefit.

Overall, a pedometer is a must have gadget for anyone that takes his health and fitness seriously.

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One Response to “Must Have Fitness Gadgets: Pedometers”

  1. Mark Says:

    The pedometer is truly a great gadget! The pedometer is a must have for every person to assess their daily activity. I, for example, was under the wrong impression that I walk enough during the day…I figured I walk around the office, to my car, in the market, I sometimes walk my dog etc….but the pedometer opened my eyes and showed me that I only no more than 5,000 steps per day which is less than half the requirement…it is not that easy with our lifestyle to walk 10,000 steps…we are glued to our desks for 8 hours per day, we sit to eat, we sit to socialize, we sit to go watch TV or the theater…my point is that most of our activities are inactive! We really have to make an effort to walk these 10,000 steps which are a couple of hours….but belive me they are worth the effort…we can eat all the cake you want (well within a limit) and maintain your weight!!!!

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