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Aspirin…Coat is Cool

Posted on August 5th, 2007 filed in Health    |   

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Aspirin is well known to protect against heart disease and stroke and it is currently recommended that all individuals above 40 take one aspirin tab a day. It seems however that not all aspirins are created alike. A Stroke Journal study recently noted that coated Aspirin may not be as effective as plain Aspirin in preventing coronary heart disease. Doctors normally prescribe coated aspirin to protect the stomach lining, and thus prevent ulcer.

The journal however recommends taking a smaller dose (75 mg) of uncoated aspirin instead of the usually prescribed 350 mg (1 adult tab) as the lower dose provides all the benefits with less likelihood of side effects.

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One Response to “Aspirin…Coat is Cool”

  1. Karen Says:

    True what you say about Aspirin….My father had an open heart surgery and he religiously takes an aspirin every day. In fact, he has those gigantic bottles you buy at Costco next to his bed. And the doctor also told my grandmother that had she taken daily aspirin, perhaps her blot clot would not have done so much damage….

    But I have never heard that the uncoated is more effective than the coated, makes sense tough… Very interesting, I will spread the information to my family members! Thank you

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