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Dark Chocolate Health Benefits

Dark chocolate, unlike milk or white chocolate has been proved to have a myriad of health benefits.

1) Many dark chocolate bars are sugar free and offer excellent alternatives for anyone on low glycemic diet. As a matter of fact, dark chocolate is a perfect dessert for those that love chocolate but are at risk for metabolic syndrome or insulin resistance.
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Double Dipping: Seinfeld had it Right after All

In one classic episode of Seinfeld, George Castanza is sternly reprimanded by another party guest when caught double dipping his chip in the salsa sauce:

“That’s like putting your whole mouth right in the dip.”

A recent study has confirmed that indeed this could well be the case.

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Diet Soda Causes Insulin Resistance

For those not familiar with the term, Insulin Resistance is a status where one’s body does not have a healthy sugar metabolism resulting in continuous presence of above normal insulin levels in the blood. That in turn leads to a fat deposition and a myriad of health problems. It is completely curable and reversible early on with lifestyle changes, such as healthy eating and exercise, but left unattended, can lead to full scale diabetes.

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Aspirin…Coat is Cool

Aspirin is well known to protect against heart disease and stroke and it is currently recommended that all individuals above 40 take one aspirin tab a day. It seems however that not all aspirins are created alike. A Stroke Journal study recently noted that coated Aspirin may not be as effective as plain Aspirin in preventing coronary heart disease. Doctors normally prescribe coated aspirin to protect the stomach lining, and thus prevent ulcer.

The journal however recommends taking a smaller dose (75 mg) of uncoated aspirin instead of the usually prescribed 350 mg (1 adult tab) as the lower dose provides all the benefits with less likelihood of side effects.

The Great Health Benefits of Fiber

Fiber have significant health benefits and are an essential and necessary component of any healthy eating regimen. Fiber are undigested carbohydrates that course through the digestive system without being absorbed into the blood. They course in and out and do not contribute any energy.

The numerous health benefits of fiber include:

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Sleep your way to Health

A 10 year study at Vancouver General Hospital, Canada, showed that getting less than 5 hours of sleep a night will affect one’s heart on the long run. Fatigue iuncreases the level of fibrinogen, the blood clotting protein, which reduces the blood flow to the heart and brain. 8 hours of sleep is thought to be optimal.

Another study by Columbia University showed that lack of sleep will permanently increase your blood pressure. The study found that less than 5 hours of sleep per day increases the incidence of high blood pressure by 60%. Sleeping less raises your 24 hr blood pressure and heart rate, which, through increased strain, can set up the cardiovascular system to persistently operate at an elevated pressure.

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