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This is My Space and These Are My Two Cents

Welcome to My Space on the World Wide Web.

Who am I, you might ask?

I am a world traveller that expects to have covered most of this planet by end of 2009.

I am a movie lover and watch 1 selected movie every week of any language or nationality. I review some movies I see and remember them through favorite movie scenes, dialogues, and quotes.

I have particular interest in fitness and nutrition.

I love music in many of its flavors (Top 40 hits, jazz, blues, and classical).
I love to write and do so occasionally (whenever I have time). I write about what I love, namely …I review movies I see, places I visit, concerts I attend, gadgets and cameras I use, books I read ….

I also am an aspiring poet and have written few poems.

This website is the collection of my writings and personal subjective view of what matters to moi. It is a continued work of progress. It is my attempt to document my thoughts and experiences about all that crosses my space.

I have recently reversed my prior preference and now welcome your comments on the various posts and site in general.


7 Responses to “This is My Space and These Are My Two Cents”

  1. Lisa Says:

    I was inspired by your site. I am an anthropologist working at a community college and have also travelled extensively! Your site gave me the idea to document my experiences, thoughts, and poetry. Thanks!

  2. Drew Says:

    Hey there.

    Great idea..

    Its an intersting diversion..I bookmarked you. I’m a bit of a movie buff myself, mostly independant though.



  3. Dustin Mills Says:

    I have just spent hours on your website and I must say it’s really interesting. I in particular was very impressed by the movie reviews. I know each in depth review takes significant amount of time but I really look forward to see more.

    Keep it up.


  4. Larry Says:

    As a fellow nomad and movie lover, I must command you on this entertaining and very informative site. I’ll be checking back frequently and hope to always find new material when I do.

  5. Ms. Belsito Says:

    l can certainly see attributes within this person regardless of differences.

    Ms. Belsito

    Wednesday, August 1, 2007 in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada.

  6. Lori Says:

    I stumbled on your site while searching for Tia Delma and found more than what I bargained for :) Quite an eclectic site. I rssed you. Hope you will be updating often



    Calfary, Alberta Canada

  7. Jessica Says:

    I really love your site, its so insightful and I love to read your opinions because they’re honest and interesting. The way you write is what caught my attention, and it inspired me to continue writing in my livejournal, thank you.

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